Sliderz Restaurant

Earlier this week I had the chance to check out Sliderz Restaurant. Cool new concept located in North Miami. Check out my review for Sliderz Restaurant.

Sliderz Breakdown


1817 NE 123rd St

North Miami, FL 33181

Their flagship restaurant is located in North Miami inside a shopping plaza (under LA Fitness) but they are opening up more locations in South Miami, Lincoln Road, and Midtown.

Laid back, casual, modern
Locally-Sourced Ingredients, Good Portions, Variety of Options
Trendy, Modern
Recommended For
Anyone looking for good quality fast food or a quick snack and budget-friendly.



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Sliderz Restaurant Review

I was really excited when I got asked to check this place out. If you know me, you know that I appreciate a good burger here and there, but sometimes a regular sized burger is just too much or its too messy and breaks apart, leaving your fingers a saucey mess and pieces of your once scrumptious burger on your plate.

That’s why the food Gods created sliders. You get a little bit of a burger so it isn’t that messy or that filling, so you can eat till you are full. The only downfall is that majority of other places charge you an arm and a leg for what could potentially be a crappy slider.

And then we have ‘Sliderz.’ A concept brought to you by the same guy that gave us “Burger & Beer Joint”

They offer a range of options from beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian. You can order by the slider or by “stacks.” They offer Stacks of 4 and 8 and single sliders range from $3-$6. They also have lunch specials during the week. Everyone’s got options here.

I ordered the Traditional Slider and a side of Mac & Cheese Bites.


The slider had a good patty-to-bread ratio, so I can’t complain there. I would go back to try other sliders though. The best part of the slider was the “slider sauce” you get in by the sauce bar. Other than that, I found the Traditional Slider kind of basic.

Sauce Bar


They offer a dessert which is an Ice Cream Slider. Two pieces of brownie with vanilla ice cream in the middle. After waiting a few minutes to let the ice cream slider get a little softer (it was a frozen brick), I bit in. So good!


Overall, I would come here again. Maybe when they open up the South Miami or Midtown location. It’s a good place if you want something small but don’t want to go to a sit-down restaurant and pay $15 (plus tip) for a few sliders.

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