Green Plate Asian Bistro

I’ve grown really fond of Green Plate Asian Bistro. I stumbled upon it one day on yelp, I honestly don’t remember why. I used to work in Doral and I had my “go-to” sushi places so I don’t remember why this place called my attention. Either way, I was instantly hooked to Green Plate Asian Bistro.

Here’s the run down:

They offer lunch specials, which majority of the entrees come with soup OR salad. They have an $8 Petite Lunch (what I usually get) and it includes Miso Soup, Ginger Salad, AND choice of select rolls. But don’t be fooled, you get a full portion (about 8 pieces or so). They also have a variety of Bento Boxes with some upgradeable options. I ordered a Bento Box one time and found some of the stuff to be a little bland like the fried rice & vegetable tempura. It was a lot of food so I was able to eat the stuff I wanted. Thankfully, I’ve eaten there enough to know what I like so I don’t bother with the Bentos.


Miso Soup & Large Sake

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Deluxe Bento Box


I’m a fan of warm sake and the other places I would go to in Doral would only offer the small bottle. Green Plate offers the big bottle and at the same price of the other places. Warm Sake at a good price. Whats not to love…

I’m a lush, don’t judge me

Besides lunch specials, their specialty sushi rolls are out of this world.

I’ve had:

Ultimate Dragon Roll (THE BEST!)

Green Plate Asian Bistro

American Dream Roll 

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Green Spider Roll (not pictured)

Green Plate also offers a selection of cold and hot tapas. after all, it is Asian fusion.

Here’s a list of what I’ve had:

Sashimi Spicy Salad (Tuna / Salmon / Wahoo / Mixed) 

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Chinese Marinated Steak

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Oat Crunch Rocky Shrimp

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Tuna Carpaccio

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Standard Rolls:

Kanisu (Riceless Roll)


Spicy Kanikama Roll 

Green Plate Asian Bistro

Hamachi Scallion Roll (not pictured; didn’t like this roll)


I’m not sure why Happy Hour isn’t popular here because this place is usually slammed for lunch.

Happy Hour is from 4pm – 7pm.

Buy 1 Get 1 Cocktails, Wine, and Sake & $2.5 Draft Beer

Select Tapas from $3, $5, and $8

On Sundays they offer a buffet style brunch. It’s about $30/pp and it includes the buffet plus (1) entrée or (2) tapas. I haven’t been able to experience it since I work in a restaurant on the weekends 😔 The moment I get a free sunday afternoon, Green Plate Asian Bistro will be the first place I go.

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