Downtown Miami Midday Dance Break

Last Friday, there was a Downtown Miami Midday Dance Break hosted by Perrier and FlavorPill. They gave us a break from the midday norms by providing a complementary cocktail, a lunch goodie bag, and some beats to dance the ‘itis away.

I was lucky enough to have the day off so I was able to check it out. This event was mainly convenient for those that work in the Downtown area, or someplace where you can catch the People Mover. It felt kind of weird walking down those streets of Space, and E11even during the day. I wasn’t even sure the event was really going on until I see Heart Night Club, doors open and promo girls waiting on the steps…. ok, let’s check this out.

History Lesson: I used to go to this venue when it was Nocturnal and Park West and I haven’t been back since…

Right before I walked in, I was greeted with a sample of Perrier and a drink ticket. Then I start walking up the all too familiar stairs and all of a sudden, I forget its one o’clock in the afternoon. The DJ, Penguin Prison, is throwing down some beats and people are dancing with those club LED sticks that say Perrier. People are at the bar and there’s girls in costumes taking pictures by one of those PHHHOTO booths, (check out my Phhhoto here) it was pretty wild for a workday lunch…… and I’m not complaining.


The bar was offering 3 cocktail options, I chose the one with vodka, Red Bull, and Perrier. It was definitely interesting to have sparkling water in a cocktail, never thought of that before.


I hung out for about an hour then slowly made my way to the exit. As I was walking out, one of the promo girls handed me and lunchbox (made from recycled products) filled with an apple, PB&J sandwich, and a Kind Bar.


After all was done, going back to my regular scheduled program was a little difficult. Since it was my day off I wanted to continue day drinking but quickly remembered I had to “adult” for a little so that bubble bursted.

Thank you Perrier, FlavorPill, and Heart Night Club for an extraordinary lunch break.


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